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Help: Summary of Matches

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From the Summary of Matches page, you can use the toolbar to open a Help page, consult general information about the Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker, start a search or access the Table of Contents, Works by Author, Search History and Marked List pages.

The Summary of Matches page indicates the number of hits (i.e. the number of times the search term or expression occurs in the database) and the number of entries (i.e. works in the Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker containing hits) retrieved by a search.

The Summary of Matches page also lists the volumes retrieved by a search and gives brief details of each as follows:

  • Author
  • The Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker volume number
  • Title of document
  • Number of hits

The title of each document is hyperlinked to the Context of Results page for that document, which displays the results of your search within that work in full.

The Table of Contents icon appears after each Summary of Matches entry; clicking this takes you directly to the Table of Contents page for the relevant volume, which is expanded to the level of the selected entry in the Summary of Matches. The number of hits is displayed next to each relevant entry.

You can download the Full Text of any level of data by selecting that level in the Context of Results page or the Table of Contents. Each level displays the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full Text page.

Note: The larger the download size of an item, the longer the Full text will take to download. Items larger than 5Mb cannot be downloaded and you will be prompted for a smaller selection of text.

Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker now has support for Unicode characters. In order for them to display you will need to have either the Arial Unicode MS font or the freely-distributed Gentium Unicode font installed on your PC, and your browser settings changed to ensure full Unicode compliance. For more information, please go to the Software Requirements page and follow the instructions.

Adding records to the Marked List

You can select records from all results pages and add them to your Marked List, from which you can print or email citations.

To add a record:

  • Click the checkbox Add record to Marked List

To remove a record:

  • Click the checkbox Remove record from Marked List

To add all the records in the results page to your Marked List:

  • Click the Select all records link

To remove all the records in the results page from your Marked List:

  • Click the Clear all records link

Your Marked List can be viewed at any time by clicking the Marked List button in the toolbar.

Note: Marked List records are only retained during your current session.

If you wish to alter your search selections, click the Refine Search link. Your original search terms will have been preserved. You can also start a completely new search by clicking the New Search link.


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